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When you disembark the boat the beautiful lakefront with benches and planters offers you a warm  welcome. Along the nearby Via Porto we notice some ancient noble palaces (including Palazzo Polini-Martinoni) and we can imagine when, directly overlooking the lake, they could be reached directly from by the boats from the lake shore. 

Entering one of the many alleys we can admire the walls of the ancient buildings still inhabited today dating from the twelfth to the fourteenth century; in addition to ladders, frescoes and small arches between the houses. At the eastern end of the village there appears a medieval tower; almost opposite, the beautiful facade of the eighteenth-century parish church of S. Nicola, where paintings from various eras are kept.

At the other end of the village, along the coastal road, we find Palazzo Martinoni and its solitary lake-side garden; next to the building, a massive and unique stone construction. 

After passing a small stream, just beyond the small church of S. Rocco, a beautiful public park with trees opens up. Very close is the municipal beach, with bars, ice cream shops and a camping.


Riva di Solto was known since the 12th century, the presence of a fortified port has been documented, a commercial outlet for the backwaters. Its importance lasted until the beginning of the 20th century, when the coastal road was built that connected Riva di Solto to the south with Tavernola and to the north with Lovere. Tradition tells that from the local quarries the black marble was extracted for some columns of the Basilica of San Marco in Venice.


Excursions and leisure

  • A nice walk leads to the Orrido di Zorzino. After covering the coastal road for about a kilometer in the direction of Lovere, it is necessary to turn towards the old disused path, flanked by a long and narrow beach; This leads to a solitary open space between the rocks and the lake. Over two galleries ì, a small and silent gulf surmounted by high and tormented rock faces that drop down into the lake
  • Another excursion leads to Zorzino, a hamlet in a beautiful panoramic position. During the walk, a delightful little Romanesque church of S. Cassiano is worth visiting in the Gargarino district.
  • For an excursion immersed in the green you can take the Sentiero Natura del Sebino. The route winds through the woods and is equipped with equipped pitches and educational boards. It forms a ring 17 km long and touches the municipalities of Solto Collina and Fonteno


Info Riva di Solto

IAT Alto Sebino – Piazza 13 Martiri, 37 – 24065 Lovere (BG)
Tel +39 035 962178 – Fax +39 035 962178



Via Papa Giovanni XXIII, 22 – 24060 Riva di Solto (BG)
Tel +39 035 985100 – Fax +39 035 980763