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As soon as we disembark we are greeted by a square, made pleasant by the outdoor tables of bars and ice-cream shops. Going immediately to the right of the pier, the coastal pedestrian promenade leads to the Vecchia Filanda, now a court of bars and shops of various kinds. 

The atmosphere is special, like in Venice. On the way back we pass via Campo, which offers beautiful views of the lake. Walking along the lakefront Marconi, also filled with shops, bars and ice cream parlors, we arrive at a secluded harbor with a splendid view. The historic center is a surprise. It can be said to be delimited by the Oldofredi Castle (12th century), by the ancient Parish Church of St. Andrea, with a large Romanesque bell tower (12th century) and a Gothic arch on the facade, and by the Old Filandra. 

Within this space we can freely get lost in narrow and silent alleys, and then emerge in the large, elegant and popular porticoed squares, which form the center of Iseo; or in a small square where there is still a public wash-house. The alleys, often dug by houses supported by arches, are embellished with flowered balconies in wrought iron and stone portals of the houses. Fruit and vegetable shops, flower shops and bakeries also have a special charm here; wherever we can discover artisan workshops, antique shops, wine bars, cafeterias, restaurants; on the street, the smell of wine announces an inn. They are worth visiting: the Arsenale Palace (the medieval armoury currently used as a cultural center), the churches of S. Maria al Mercato (14th century), S. Silvestro (13th century) and the sanctuary of S. Maria della Neve (17th century).


The villages of Clusane and Pilzone

Landed on the long pier, we reach Clusane, a village where you can breathe ancient atmospheres. From the beautiful lakeside we can observe the large marina and a vast panorama of the lake. Above us is the severe bulk of the Carmagnola Castle. Clusane is well known for the numerous restaurants where you can taste the local fish specialty: the baked tench. Pilzone is known for its historic fig tree, which grows on the parish church bell tower and is the southernmost point of the ancient Via Valeriana.



  • In the summer you can go to the Sassabanek complex, equipped with beach, swimming pools, tennis courts and camping, or at the Lido Belvedere. Also with swimming pool and lawn on the lake.
  • From Iseo to Clusane it is easy to reach the Torbiere Natural  Reserve Park and the monastery of S. Pietro in Lamosa



Of prehistoric origins, Iseo has always been an important port since Roman times. In the Middle Ages, protected by a wall and a castle, it became of strategic importance for the city of Brescia. For centuries a merchant center, it also developed the wool and silk industry, which became flourishing in the 19th century. The port lost importance only at the beginning of the 20th century, when the new railway line was built towards Valle Camonica valley.


Info Iseo

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